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Whew…. What a weekend!

There was a fiasco with MaBell, which knocked me offline till Monday morning… There were 2 dialtones on my jack. So, I'd dial a number and hear ringing and busy signal at the same time. DSL was soooo offline as a result. *cry* I had to go a whole 3 days without internet!

Got all moved in to my new digs. It's the smallest apt I've ever lived in, but I'm thinking of it as 'cozy' while I try to find places for everything.

Fishy said “It's nice, everything is in arm's reach.”

The place is a disaster right now, of course….

All my clothes, hardware bits, and media are put away. The couches are in place, and my computers are humming away happily.

The kitchen? So small I'm not even sure where the kettle is going to go.
Windows need curtains, badly.
My art is still just piled up against a wall.
Oh, and I need a closet door/curtain, apperently.

Still, I think I'll be comfy here. 🙂

I'll snap some pics once the place is a little more presentable. 🙂