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Update: Something seems to have gone horribly wrong with the first image. Give this one a try instead. A few people have confirmed that it works.  It’s a slightly smaller repack of the same image – I reduced the size by removing a few of the apps I’d crammed in to /system/app, so you’ll have to install Facebook and Google Sky yourself now. 😉

Well, Rogers/LG is being brutally slow releasing the 1.6 update.  There is already a Korean update for the KH5200 that mostly works on the GW620, so I spent some time today making it run as smooth as possible.  I currently have an image that is working well, but you have to manually config the APN after installing or there’s no 3G connectivity.

The image is as done as it’s going to get tonight.  Don’t get it here!  Make sure to read the Known issues while it’s downloading – there are some things you need to do to make the image work properly.

The status so far:

  • Running well on 1.6
  • 3G works after manual APN setup
  • Rooted with SuperUser APK
  • Bash/nano/busybox/terminfo available
  • Made the required mods to the initrd to enable tolemaC’s Apps2SD method
  • tolesetup works
  • Cleaned up most of the cruft from the Korean image (e.g. Maple Story, Seoul Subway map, etc)
  • Added upgraded Google maps + Google Nav to the system.img so it doesn’t take valuable userdata space
  • Added a bunch of apps and utilities to the remaining free space on the system.img.  It’s now packed to the brim with goodness.
  • Set the init.rd to mount the /system partition as read/write.  No more “adb remount” to make changes
  • Included the excellent TagLauncher home screen.  It’s free, and it rocks!
  • SSHD out of the box!  Now you can ssh to your phone.  Login as with “gw620” for the username and password.  You can change the user/pass by editing the /system/bin/rundropbear file.
  • Lots of other little things


  • Get the APN auto-configured
  • See if I can remove the obnoxious password from the “Enable Root” menu

Known Issues:

  • Google Goggles crashes after taking a pic
  • First boots in Korean.  You need to hit “next” at the bottom, and then select English.
  • Will definitely require a wipe of userdata or factory reset before installing.   Go in to the hidden menu and do a factory reset, OR when you boot up in fastboot mode to burn the image do a “fastboot –w”
  • You need to manually add the APN before data connectivity will work.  To add the APN follow these instructions:
    1. Install the image (duh)  😉
    2. boot up, and go to the dialer
    3. enter 3845#*5200# to enter the hidden menu
    4. Click on Module Test
    5. Click on Stability Test
    6. Click on Enable Root
    7. Enter the password “eve&adam&&620love!”
    8. reboot the phone
    9. open a command prompt on your computer
    10. “adb shell am start -a android.settings.APN_SETTINGS”
    11. The APN config will open on the phone.
    12. Click “New APN”
    13. Enter the APN info.  For Rogers, just set the name as “Rogers” and the APN as “” and leave everything else as default.  Other carriers will have to look online to get their APN settings.
    14. That’s it.  Data should now work.  🙂

Thanks to tolemaC for his excellent work on the tolesetup utility, which I’ve blatantly ripped from his most excellent 1.5 image.

Thanks to everyone that has hit that little donate button too, and to everyone who’s sent encouraging words and suggestions.  🙂