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Yay! Google released the Android 2.2 source today! I’ll poke around at it over the next few days – maybe I’ll have better luck getting it to compile! šŸ˜€

Update: I downgraded to gcc4.3 and Java SDK5, and Froyo is compiling fine.  I’m still unable to boot the result though.  šŸ™  I’ll try again tomorrow.

Update2: The kernel is booting, but /system isn’t mounting, so ‘sh’ isn’t available, and logcat can’t run.  Putting sh on the initrd changes the error – but it just quits directly after launching.  Grrrr.  Not sure why /system isn’t mounting – the init.rc looks ok…  I may try getting it to mount by it’s device name instead of it’s mtd name.  I’m off to work – I’ll poke at this some more when I get home.

Update 3: LiBe (in the comments below) managed to get 2.2 booting using Routehero’s 2.0 boot.img.  I just played around a little on my lunch break and was able to duplicate his results.  Same issues as before – e.g. No sound, no radio, no wifi.  The boot.img was still using the old 2.6.27 kernel.  Replacing the 2.6.27 kernel with the 2.6.29 from V10T resulted in a non-booting boot.img, and as before logcat doesn’t work so I can’t even see why it’s not booting.  Grrrr.  šŸ™
However – 2.2 did seem to run ok.  Once I turned off Animations it even ran fairly fast.  šŸ™‚