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  • Yay new computer!

    Woot! I now have the first stage of my new computer. I’m still using some cast off/borrowed components that need to be upgraded/replaced, but at a state where I can boot it up and play! Wow is it ever fast! I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like in a few months when I’ve […]

  • Fitness

    So, I met with a personal trainer as part of my Y membership over the weekend… I’ve never worked out in a gym before, so I had absolutely no idea which machines to use, and how to use them. My trainer was most excellent! He actually designed a work out schedule for me, and then […]

  • two pics

    First thing in the AM… I am so not a morning person! And this is the top of my new gym duds. Shirt feels soooo gooood!

  • Whyyy Em See Ayyyy!

    Yup. Just joined the Y. Decided I need to start taking better care of my carcass than I have been. Oh, and Fishy to joined too! We’ve both been talking about it for a while, but we finally got off our asses today. Hopefully the combination of mutual peer pressure and wanting to get value […]

  • Bluegrass stomp

    So a few co-workers and I went out on the town last night… Started at a place called Einstein’s, and ended up at the Silver Dollar. It’s been a looong time since I’ve been that drunk, and wow did I ever need it! Got completely plashtered! So smashed, in fact, that I ordered AND enjoyed […]

  • Journal move

    Well, I’ve moved my journal to here. You can, if you wish, read older posts from my deadjournal at

  • Journal move

    Well…Time for a change of venue.I've moved my journal to livejournal. You can find me at

  • Oh, and in other less depressing news

    I got a raise! Woohoo! Also sounds like my new role is going to be interesting once I transition in to it! Looks like I'll become the interface between the sales guys (the company owners) and the tech team for projects and new accounts. I'll have to gain a deep understanding of the client infrastucture, […]

  • Fishy in da hoooouse!

    Well, I'm sitting here on Fishy's couch, and I'm in wifi range of my network… He's just moved in directly across the hall from me. He was unsure about where he was moving to, but at the last minute this apt came up and he grabbed it! W00t! It's gonna be fun having him so […]

  • Stuff

    Well,I knew it was gonna be hard doing a full time gig, and sure enough…it is!After 2 weeks, I'm ready for a holiday, lol!Still, ALL our clients are non profit. United Way, Foster Parents play, Aids 2006 Conference, Canadian Cancer Society, etc. Kick ass! Seriously beats the shit out of having IBM send me to […]

  • Been a while!

    Been too long since I've updated, but holy crap have I been a busy lil beaver! One of my clients moved. FunFunFun! They didn't move very far, but the new place had zero infrastructure, so we had to run net cable, install jacks at one end and the patch panel at the other. The electricians […]

  • Kenneth Lay is dead dead dead!

    I know death isn't supposed to make me happy, and that I'm a terrible Buddhist because of this, but…. Wooooo! Another crooked capitalist bites the dust. I almost wish I believed in hell so I could imagine him rotting there. Greedy fucker.Kenneth Lay, Rot In Pain. Oh… just in case y'all don't know who he […]

  • More Parkour


  • Ah, moving…

    Whew…. What a weekend! There was a fiasco with MaBell, which knocked me offline till Monday morning… There were 2 dialtones on my jack. So, I'd dial a number and hear ringing and busy signal at the same time. DSL was soooo offline as a result. cry I had to go a whole 3 days […]

  • Parkour / Freerunning

    Holy crap! There's a new sport/martial art called Parkour or Freerunning. It's absolutely mental! Vids: andInsane Russian Dude! If you're only going to watch one, watch the Russian dude. Guy has no respect for his own mortality. I'd try to describe it, but… Vids will say it all for me. Bloody amazing though.

  • Arctic Seed Bank

    So sweet! Norway is building an international seed bank in the arctic! Here's the BBC article. There's a close-to-zero ecologic footprint house being tested in Toronto. Thing filters it's own water and waste, runs on wind and solar, and isn't tied in to the power grid. Totally amazing! I want one like that – with […]

  • lol

    My other bus is a porche.

  • Oh, moving news too…

    Ya. So, we're moving.Tav and Fishy are splitting up, so our little triumvirate household is going it's separate ways.Move date is officially July 1, though I think we'll all be moved in the week before. Hell, Fishy's already carting stuff over to his new place.I've found an OK apt on College near Ossington. It's small […]

  • Very interesting…

    First of all… Check this shit out! Great timeline of major population changes. Caught a few things while reading it…First, the population bomb… Jeebus, but we're filling this planet up fast!1825 – 1 billion1900 – 2 billion1950 – 3 billion1975 – 4 billion1997 – 5 billionNotice the time between each billion falling every time. Scary […]

  • Holy WTF Batman!

    So… A friend of mine – We'll call her Acey for this story, just had an insane experience… Acey's mom, mom's bf, and her son – Acey's half brother, got booted out of their house a few months ago. Acey, being the sweetheart that she is, put the three of them up in her 2 […]