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  • Dell XPS 15 9530 8-month review

    So I’ve been using a Dell XPS 15 9530 as my daily (and nightly!) driver for the past 8 months.  I have the top-end version (3200×1800 touch, Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) It’s not the perfect laptop, but it’s damn close.  I primarily use it for work, which is to say I use Windows, […]

  • LG GW620 Eve/Etna Review

    After playing with this phone for almost a week now, I can say that I am very impressed. Not since the first time I played with a Palm Pro have I been so enamoured of a handheld computer. This little beauty is amazing! I know it’s not as slick as the Droid, but it fills […]

  • Aluminium MacBook Review

    The short version: This laptop rocks. End of story. 😉

  • Logitech G25 Review

    The short version:  If you can afford it, go get this wheel right now!

  • G25 Review Coming Soon!

    I will be a reviewing the Logitech G25 force feedback wheel as soon as I get my grubby mitts on one!  I should be getting one this weekend!  Stay tuned!