Tech, Toys, and Tidbits

Update 3: Made a few more changes:

  • QR codes on the right for ease of Android access
  • Mobile site is now live, but the theme isn’t so hot.  Trying to find an AJAX theme that rocked as much as the wordpress mobile theme
  • Donate button is back, plus if you’re logged in when you donate the site will stop showing you the button and hide the ads, and shows a “Thank you” message instead.
  • Front page changed – now it shows the full text of the first story, teasers (with “more” links) for the next 10, and text links for the remainder
  • Killed the titles from the comments
  • Removed my Gravatar from all the posts, but left it on the comments

I think I’m now quite happy with the site!  Woohoo!  Now if only getting Eclair running was this easy!  😉

Update2: Made a bunch of changes now that I’m live on Drupal:

  • Anonymous comments and Polls are now allowed. 
  • I’m still not happy with the fact that each comment’s subject is a full-on title.
  • All the old comments are flat and unsorted.  The threading was lost on the import.   (All new comments should be threaded nicely though.)
  • I’m still working on the mobile theme.  Should have available for mobile devices soon
  • Ads are back.

Update: The site is now live on Drupal. All the content should be in place – and you shouldn’t notice much difference for now. The move to Drupal will allow me to better maintain and organize the site in the future – the first things I’ll be setting up is some nice HowTos and some forum-type commenting. As always, let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

I’ve been messing around with the Drupal CMS all evening, and I’m seriously considering switching my site over to it.  It’s not as easy to use at WordPress is, but it’s far more flexible and WAY more powerful and easy to manage.  WordPress is/was great for a blog and a light site, but as I get more and more info on here I’m finding it harder to manage and therefore harder for y’all to find it.

I’m going to play with it for another day or so, and if I’m still liking it then I may switch over this weekend.  🙂