Fishy in da hoooouse!

I'm sitting here on Fishy's couch, and I'm in wifi range of my network… He's just moved in directly across the hall from me. He was unsure about where he was moving to, but at the last minute this apt came up and he grabbed it! W00t! It's gonna be fun having him so close! Today I ran a network cable across the hall (up in the ceiling, all invisible like) between our apts so we can share internet, and more importantly – be on the same network so we can see each others media shares! 🙂 Fun fun!

Work is going really well… Got a mini promotion last week, and the owner has blown sunshine up my arse a few times now – even told me I'd be getting a big raise when my probation is up. They've hired 3 more new folks in the past 2 weeks, and (according to our manager) I'm the best of the batch. Yay to me!

The waking up every morning has become easier now that I'm used to it, though I'm definitely noticing the lack of free time I have now. Ah well, I'm also noticing the radical increase in income, so I can't complain too loudly!

Hope all's well with all of you!






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