So, I met with a personal trainer as part of my Y membership over the weekend…
I’ve never worked out in a gym before, so I had absolutely no idea which machines to use, and how to use them. My trainer was most excellent! He actually designed a work out schedule for me, and then walked me thru each day of the schedule making sure I was comfy with each machine/exersize. I’ve started with a 2 day/week schedule. After a month or three I may add on a third day, but I’m hoping 2 will be enough.

It was kinda funny… As we were going thru the machines, I was REALLY able to tell which parts of my bod I use, and which I don’t… e.g. My legs are strong from cycling, but my chest is sooo weak! For my arms I was fine if I was pulling down, since I still have some climbing muscle, but pushing up was haaard. I suspect it’ll be quite interesting feeling my bod get more balanced as I work out…

I’ve also been thinking of taking a full body pic of myself each week… Might be interesting to watch my body change shape, but I’m not sure I could maintain that level of vanity for very long, lol.

Planning on going Tues and Fri(or weekend) for now, which means I get to go back tonight. Looking forward to it, but I must remember to put some good tunes, and perhaps a new audiobook on my ipod before I go.

That’s it for my boring post… Happy Tuesday folks!






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