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So… A friend of mine – We'll call her Acey for this story, just had an insane experience…

Acey's mom, mom's bf, and her son – Acey's half brother, got booted out of their house a few months ago.

Acey, being the sweetheart that she is, put the three of them up in her 2 bedroom apt, which was already at capacity with her, her teenage son and her business. Even gives her mom a job, the sweetie!

On Friday aft her machine takes a call from MoneyMart (a local cheque cashing usurer business) asking to confirm an employee. By the time she gets the message and calls back, the shop is closed.

Yesterday her bank calls. She finds out a $1700 cheque she'd cashed for mom's bf (lets call him Asshat) last week had a stop payment on it. It was from a disgruntled client who wasn't happy that Asshat never came back to work after being given a cheque for materials.

Then she calls MoneyMart back… Not sure why they're calling at all, cuz the stop payment thing was all within/between banks…

Turns out, Asshat had taken a cheque from her desk, filled it out for $1500 to his name, and cashed it – or at least the $1350 of it that MoneyMart gave him.

Needless to say, Acey is furious, and heartbroken. Asshat gets a quick trip to the curb, with a fraud charge quickly following. But here's the real gut wrencher of the story. Acey talks to her mom, and mom is defending (!!!) Asshat while verbally attacking Acey! Then mom starts equating Asshat's fraud to Acey's son taking pocket change for video games… Wtf.

So… Now mom is out on the curb too. Chose her thieving Asshat over a daughter who was giving her a place to stay and a job.


Her mom, I actually have a little sympathy for. She's in a bad relationship and doesn't know how to get out of it. Asshat, however… He should be turned into soylent sausage.