Tech, Toys, and Tidbits

It’s just been a VERY busy few weeks.  Lots of travel to new clients, and so much work that I’ve not had the energy to do anything ‘cept relax in my free time.

I have done a few fun things though:

  • Built a 2-node  MythTV/Mythbuntu based media center.   Post about that is coming soon.  I didn’t get the new core i3 based media server I was planning on, but have rebuilt my existing server using mythbuntu and added a nVidia ION based box for the bedroom.
  • Upgraded my GW620 to firmware 1.0f.  It’s still android 1.5, but seems a little snappier.  The root method still works, so I’m going to port my apps2sd changes on to the new image this week.  I should have an updated firmware for y’all soon.  Maybe even today if I don’t get sidetracked.