Tech, Toys, and Tidbits

As with the last tag I did, I nabbed this from Sass's blog.

I AM: laid back

I SAID: all that I needed to

I WANT: sex and chocolate

I WISH: I could fly

I HATE: greedy people, and walmart.

I MISS: The ocean

I FEAR: for the planet

I HEAR: Fatboy Slim

I WONDER: what to have for breakfast

I REGRET: not being there when needed

I AM NOT: in possession of all the answers

I DANCE: with my fingers

I SING: in the car, or when no one has to hear me

I CRY: at the beauty of the human condition

I AM NOT ALWAYS: motivated to get off my arse

I MADE: as many people smile as I could

I WRITE: illegibly

I CONFUSE: capitalists

I NEED: to win the lotto

I SHOULD: buy some new pants

I START: the day with a smile

I FINISH: the day with a smile. 🙂

*I believe: That people often behave like they think they're expected to

*I know: I'm only on this lovely blue ball for a few decades

*I can: do whatever I set my mind to

*I can't: understand why religious folks think war is ok.

*I see: beauty in almost everything

*I blog: to keep a record of my life

*I read: whatever I can get my hands on

*I am aroused by: Sass, my partner's pleasure, strong backs, chocolate, vanilla, tulips, arched necks, teasing… This list could go on for pages…

*It pisses me off: that corporate greed is the predominant evolutionary force working on our culture/species right now. *Grrrrrr*

*I find: everything interesting

*I like: touching

*I love: life, and (almost) everything in it

I understand: my head and heart

I fail to understand: why we keep rewarding greed and selfishness, while punishing peace and kindness.

I never: speak while angry

I rarely: put my needs before anyone elses

I occasionally: work more than once a week

I regularly: light my bowl

I often: forget to eat

I always: enjoy life to it's fullest – even if that means lazing on the couch

I without exception: love that she hates wearing underwear. *grin*

I laugh: as often as I can

I ask: what I can do to help

I trust: the universe

I am saddened: that the US spends half their budget on war while people go hungry on the streets

I listen: to waves and thunderstorms

I would: be the change i wish to see (Didn't even have to change that line from Sass. It's been my new fave rule for a few weeks now!)