Tech, Toys, and Tidbits

This one is based off the Korean KH5200 V10T.

It’s an Android 1.6 image for the GW620. Apperently, the difference between the previous V10R and this V10T is mainly fixes around the keyboard and battery life. Personally, I didn’t have any problem with the battery life in the last image – it was a big improvement compared to 1.5 but others were having major issues.

Get the image here.

I’ve added the excellent ADW Launcher as well as the previous TagLauncher, and made a few other small refinements, but nothing major. Mainly small stuff.
e.g. Included Anycut to make it easy to set your APN back up…

Same features and issues as the last firmware.
e.g. Google Goggles is still broken, it’s still Korean (by default) and English, it still requires manual APN setup, SMS is still limited, and Call Display is still b0rked.

If you are running a 1.5 based firmware YOU MUST FACTORY WIPE YOUR PHONE before installing. You should also record your APN settings if you don’t know them.

See the the previous firmware post for details.

For full installation instructions have a look at the Firmware Installation Docs. Give it a go and let me know how it works for you. 🙂