Hello (again) World

Lots of changes to the site:

  • I moved it from Godaddy to Amazon EC2.  For about the same price (and free for the first year!) I get a VM all to myself.
  • I’m flipping back to WordPress from Drupal.  Drupal 7.x’s bloggy XMLRPC interface just sucks too much ass.  Sad smile
    That means that all of the  remote management tools (e.g. to manage your site from Android) have failed to work since Drupal 6.x.  Windows Live Writer, Ecto, and all other offline blog editing software no longer worked either.  I’m giving up a bit of power in the site, but gaining a tonne of flexibility.
    It’s a pain in the ass to move back to WordPress – I had to manually copy-paste my posts from the old Drupal site.  Sorry to everyone, but the comments will be a casualty of the move.  Sad smile
  • I’m using a new theme – much cleaner.  I hope you enjoy!

Hope you all enjoy!  Smile


My wife and I got tired of living in an overpriced piece of crap apt, so we’ve moved to a better one. In the process we’ve cut our rent by 1/3 and gained a dishwasher and ensuite laundry! W00t!

We also switched over to Telus’ Optik internet and increased our intertube speed by 50% while cutting the price by $10/month! Sweet!

Oh! And! We get a free XBox360 for switching. W00t!

Anyone have any suggestions for 360 games? The package comes with Alan Wake and Forza3, and I’m planning on getting Shadow Complex and Limbo pdq… Anything else I should get?

CMS Upgraded

Ok, I think that’s it – the site should be back to normal now.
If anyone notices anything that isn’t back to normal then please let me know.
Also, I hope you enjoy the new theme! 🙂

CMS Upgrade

I’m upgrading my CMS from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 today. Please excuse any downtime and site-weirdness while I get things sorted in the new CMS.
Users should keep all the same rights and settings (e.g. donating users will continue to be ad-free) and all the posts+comments should remain in place.

Update – Site is sort of back. Still a lot of work to do with regards to formatting, but the info is all here so I’ve brought it back online. Let me know if y’all have any issues.

Update 2 – Site is mostly back. Rough format is back, though the theme still needs some work. I’m done for the day though. I’ll finish up the rest of the tweaks tomorrow. 🙂

Note: InternetExplorer formatting is badly broken, but does anyone use that piece of shit browser anymore? If you do, upgrade to Chrome/Firefox/Opera/Safari or any other standards compliant browser and save yourself a tonne of headaches – not to mention all the viruses/trojans/exploits you won’t be susceptible to anymore. 🙂

Paul Allen is a Douchebag


Seriously?  This just underlines how badly the US patent system is broken.

How did a Microsoft cofounder get a patent on “Browser use for navigating through information?”  I suppose he thinks IE was the first browser too.

“Managing a users peripheral attention” is patentable?  I guess notes in the margin of textbooks all get to pay royalties to him too…  Or the little TV station watermarks in the corners of TV broadcasts, or even the blinky light on cell phones that tell you that you missed a call.

The patent system was created to protect intellectual property, not stifle innovation or try to reap profits from an idea that is either obvious or has existed in other works for decades or even centuries.

Hell, maybe I should get a patent on “Character combination displayed on a medium in order to symbolize language and express information” and see if I can get royalties every time anyone writes anything down!

Paul Allen (and every other patent troll) is a total and utter shitbag.

AmonRa Recovery for the GW620

I’ve been beta testing a new phone, and to ease the testing I ported Amon RA’s recovery ROM to it.  It works beautifully.

As a result, I’m much more comfortable messing with RA’s recovery, so I took a few hours and got it working on the GW620 too.

Use Volume+ and – to navigate.  Camera to select, and back to go back.  🙂

For some reason there are still “MISC” errors appearing, but you can safely ignore them – they don’t seem to do any harm.

I’ve tested a NAND backup and restore, and it works beautifully.  No clue if BART works, or any of the other fuctions.

Download the everarecovery.img here, and as always boot it up using
“fastboot boot everarecovery.img”

Borderlands Backup Script

So I’ve been playing Borderlands a LOT recently.  I can’t adequately describe how much ass it kicks.  However, there is only ONE save-slot per character, and if it gets corrupt you are royally boned.  My friend MrFish had his PC crash mid-save, and he lost his lvl 24 hunter.  Ouch!  So, I whipped up this little script to archive the savegame every 10 mins.  Simply put the script in your “Documents\My Games” folder, and run it before you start Borderlands.  (Oh, and you need to have7zipinstalled.)  You’ll end up with a “bups” folder in My Games that has archives of your save games.  Enjoy!

Grab the script here: {filelink=1}