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  • 2.1 Firmware

    Through a lot of hard work and modifying the frameworks, Polytheus has managed to get Android 2.1 working on the GW620! I’m hosting the file here, and I’d also encourage you all to go to the project page and click the donate button to buy him a beer for all his hard work.

  • New 1.6 Firmware

    This one is based off the Korean KH5200 V10T.

  • Android 2.2 Froyo Source Released

    Yay! Google released the Android 2.2 source today! I’ll poke around at it over the next few days – maybe I’ll have better luck getting it to compile! 😀

  • Working on a new 1.6 image

    Update: The image based on V10T is almost done.  Everything is working except Wifi won’t connect.  🙁  Once I get it figured out I’ll upload the image.

  • Trying to Compile 2.1

    Update 2: Murphy was an optomist.  OSX 10.6 is having some issues building Android.  Gah!

  • KH5200 1.6 Source Code

    LG has released the source code for the KH5200 (the Korean version of the GW620.)  The source has the 2.6.29 kernel sources included, so hopefully we can get a newer android of Android running soon!  We’re targetting 2.1 to start, but may try to get 2.2 going if 2.1 isn’t too tough.  

  • Game Post #1

    Pixy and I have been talking about writing a game, and tonight we had our first “meeting” about it.  We now have the broad storyline figured out, as well as a few of the gameplay details.

  • Site Notes

    Quick note: I made a few more changes to the site.

  • Drupal CMS

    Update 3: Made a few more changes:

  • The Android 1.6 Image + some ideas

    So, I’ve been running my 1.6 Apps2SD image for a few days now, and I’m loving it so far! 

  • ADB Source Code

    Here’s the source for the version of ADB that works in Linux. I don’t think I made any major changes to it – I was trying to make it work properly in OSX when I still thought the problemdetailed here was an issue with ADB. It turned out to have more to do with LG, […]

  • Android 1.6 Apps2SD+SSHD

    Update: Something seems to have gone horribly wrong with the first image. Give this one a try instead. A few people have confirmed that it works.  It’s a slightly smaller repack of the same image – I reduced the size by removing a few of the apps I’d crammed in to /system/app, so you’ll have […]

  • Changed Web Hosting Provider

    Quick note – I just changed my webhost from Sunwave over to GoDaddy.  For the same price I get 30x the storage and 60x the transfer/bandwidth, plus 24/7 support!  Crazy!

  • In Toronto for the week

    I’m in Toronto for work + visits till the 23rd, and the internet at my hotel is REALLY slow. Excuse my slow updates. 🙂

  • ADB for the LG Eve’s 1.6 Image in Linux

    ADB mysteriously stopped working in Linux for the 1.6 version of Android on the LG Eve. Here’s an adb that should work on the new image. As always, let me know if you have any problems!

  • Donations

    A few of you have donated to my site in the past week – Thank you!

  • Rooted Rogers 1.6 ROM

    Update: Don’t use this unless you really have to – the new Korean 1.6 image is WAY more stable. This one crashes, apps don’t work, and it basically sucks.

  • I aintn’t dead

    It’s just been a VERY busy few weeks.  Lots of travel to new clients, and so much work that I’ve not had the energy to do anything ‘cept relax in my free time.

  • MythTV Media Centers coming soon!

    I’ve decided to spend my tax return on a pair of new media systems and a projector. Here’s what I’m looking at so far: Projector: Epson 705HD.

  • Getting ADB access to the LG GW620 on MacOS

    Fixed! I can now use ADB to talk to the phone in OSX! Turns out that it’s a problem with the way that LG designed the phone’s composite device vs the way that OSX recognizes composite devices. USB devices all present a class and a subclass to the OS when they’re plugged in. For composite […]

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