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Update: Don’t use this unless you really have to – the new Korean 1.6 image is WAY more stable. This one crashes, apps don’t work, and it basically sucks.

Ok, here’s a quick and dirty root of the Rogers beta 1.6 rom.

3g will not work unless you do a factory reset.

The ABI problem is fixed, so NDK code will install. (e.g. Dosbox, Google Goggles, etc)

I’ve been running this for a week, and it’s fairly stable. Outside of having to factory-reset to get 3g working, everything has been smooth with it.

I’ll work on an Apps2SD version once I have a final version from Rogers in my hands.

Enjoy – and let me know if you have any issues. 🙂

There are a few issues now – this is definitely early Beta… Don’t install unless you can handle a little instability.