I knew it was gonna be hard doing a full time gig, and sure enough…it is!
After 2 weeks, I'm ready for a holiday, lol!
Still, ALL our clients are non profit. United Way, Foster Parents play, Aids 2006 Conference, Canadian Cancer Society, etc. Kick ass! Seriously beats the shit out of having IBM send me to a bank to fix their network… The people I get sent to work with are folks I'd want to help anyway! Woot!
So, though I am tired, I'm also quite pleased with life. 🙂

Just getting ready for a family picnic today… The whole fam damily on my Dad's side is gathering at my aunts farm. Probably be about 50-60 folks there, most of whom I haven't seen in 5 years. Should be a riot, and I'm sure I'll have some interesting stories afterwards. 🙂

Bought myself a new router. Very exciting! Linksys WRT54GL. The L at the end is for Linux! Installed linux on it, and now I've turned my router into the cheapest little workstation you've ever seen! Can run a command prompt, and I'm thinking about installing a web server on it just to see it work!

That's about it… Running out the door now. More later!






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