Tech, Toys, and Tidbits

There's so much going on I don't even know where to start!

First, I suppose, is this completely amazing woman I'm seeing.

We met thru work. She was my primary contact at a client, and the first time I met her I was mesmerised. I made some quiet inquiries tho, and found out she was already seeing someone. That fact, combined with a personal rule about not dating people I work closely with, placed her firmly out of bounds. Or so I thought! The client was the organizational team for a conference. Once the conference was over, so were all the jobs... There goes that rule!

So, on her last day there she comes up and asks me to come over to her place and set up a wifi router. "Sure! I'd be happy to!" say I, while thinking "dude, she's got a guy. She just wants her wifi set up." I go over on the appointed day to set up her wifi, and we end up sitting around talking for a few hours. Turns out she's single after all, and I already know she's no longer a client. We made plans to see each other later that week, and now? A few weeks later?

Well... Now I'm completely smitten, and well on the way to being madly in love with this woman. She's smart, kind, calm, and absolutely beautiful. She's studying to be a teacher - which is a totally admirable profession. She's even talking about weaving green/environmental studies in to the fabric of her classes. Omg, I swoon! We see eye to eye politically too, which isn't really a surprise. (Can't really see myself falling for a pure capitalist, eh!) All our evenings together so far have been delightful - for both of us. That's the best part, really. I can tell that she's enjoying this as much as I am. Weeeeee!

Oh, and she made me Chicken Tikka Masala from scratch. From scratch, I say! I almost proposed to her when I tasted it! I'm gonna be all "Honeyyyy... I'll give you a one hour massage if you make tikka...."

Ummm... *cough* Second. Work.

Work is fuckin fabulous. FPP, where I spend the bulk of my time now, is a great place to work. The environment is big enough that they have fun toys to make the job interesting. The people are friendly without exception, which may be a side effect of charity work. There's (on average) enough work to keep me busy without being overloaded, which is nice. Makes the day go fast. Sometimes too fast! I've also started to get used to waking up earlier. Feeling less exhausted in the evenings now, which makes things easier.
That's all I'm gonna say about work tho. It already eats too much of my time.

What else? This guy I keep seeing around downtown.

He's homeless, I think. But instead of begging he walks around and picks up garbage. He has a sign on his back saying basically that donations of food/work/$$ will be accepted. Every time I see him he's picking up trash.
On the one hand, I'm thinking that he's got the right idea. He's almost removed from capitalist society, but at the same time he's helping to improve his environment. I don't imagine life is particularly good for this guy, but he's obviously a hard worker... Hell, he could probably do the same job with a city uniform on and get a salary and benefits. But, of course, then he has a boss. In a way, I kind of admire him. He's free, but still helping.

'[info]'gworfish thinks he should run for Mayor.

Oh, and an interesting though about religion too...

Ok... Bear with me... cuz I gotta talk about a mmorpg for a min.
As you may know, '[info]'gworfish and I played "Dark Age of Camelot" for a few years. Like most massively online games, the thing that kept us playing (and paying for!) DAoC month after month was the community. The other players in the game, our guild mates, were all real people. The places we were gathered, however, were not real. Not in the classical sense. They had no physicality, but to us - Tir Na Nog (A capital city) was and is a thriving metropolis. Our guild hall was a mansion that we had earned with our work and deeds. We enjoyed it's luxuries. We knew the fastest route from Innis Carthaig to The Cursed Forest. Even though those places don't really exist. At least not outside our minds and the collective game world.

So what if that's what God is? (S)He/It exists only to the people who have access to the medium - The Church. You can't prove he exists to anyone who doesn't have access to the church/belief system, but to those who DO have access - God is real. As real as Tir Na Nog is to me.

I'm not saying "I've found God" or anything like that. I just think maybe I understand a little more now, and am going to try to soften my attitude a little. Instead of thinking "That person believes in God - They must be stupid." I'll think something more along the lines of "That person has access to a medium that I have very little interest in."

And how could I forget! School!

I'm gonna go! I looked in to a bridging course at UofT, and figured out what I need to do to get in to the astronomy program. I need to get high school Calculus and Physics, plus this bridging class. I'm trying to get in to the bridging class that starts in January, but it's taking a long time to get my high school transcripts so I may miss it. If I do, I'll just take the Calc/Physics first. No problem. 🙂
I'm excited, and scared, and can not believe I'm giving up more of my free time, when I have so little as it is. But... I gotta do this! I'm gonna be Dr Da'Mute, Astrophysicist! W00t!

Think that's about it... I hope your lives are all going as fantastically as mine is!