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  • Doublefine Kickstart, and Game Dev Royalties

    First – So exciting!  Doublefine (Tim Schafer – the name behind a slew of great games including Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Psychonauts, Brutal Legend) has started a Kickstart fundraiser for a new game.  This is a great idea – bypassing publishers all together and putting the funding for the game in the hands of the […]

  • Game Post #1

    Pixy and I have been talking about writing a game, and tonight we had our first “meeting” about it.  We now have the broad storyline figured out, as well as a few of the gameplay details.

  • LG GW620 Eve/Etna Review

    After playing with this phone for almost a week now, I can say that I am very impressed. Not since the first time I played with a Palm Pro have I been so enamoured of a handheld computer. This little beauty is amazing! I know it’s not as slick as the Droid, but it fills […]

  • Logitech G25 Review

    The short version:  If you can afford it, go get this wheel right now!

  • G25 Review Coming Soon!

    I will be a reviewing the Logitech G25 force feedback wheel as soon as I get my grubby mitts on one!  I should be getting one this weekend!  Stay tuned!

  • Ode to Motor City Online

    Many moons ago there was a racing game.  Not just any racing game, but a game featuring cars from the golden age of automobiles.  The newest car in the game was a 1973 Firebird, and the oldest was a 1932 Ford.