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To quote King Crimson: “Frustration will be my epitaph.”


Sooo I’m trying to port the changes that LG made to the kernel (that let it run on the GW620 hardware) and it is being a serious pain in the arse.

We need kernel 2.6.29 in order to fully run Android 2.0. So, a porting I will go! Gah! I started by trying to use diff to merge the changes automatically in to the newer kernel. I tried a few different approaches, and they all failed badly. Either there were 100s of merge errors, or the code was uncompilable spaghetti at the end of the merge, or a combination of the two.

I’m now trying to bring just the required hardware drivers in to a stock 2.6.29 source tree, and even that is giving me an insane amount of grief. Arg!

Arg Arg Arg Arg.


Edit: I have the video driver folded in to the new kernel now. Kernel still won’t boot though. There’s a few more Eve specific drivers I need to incorporate.