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First of all… Check this shit out! Great timeline of major population changes. Caught a few things while reading it…
First, the population bomb… Jeebus, but we're filling this planet up fast!
1825 – 1 billion
1900 – 2 billion
1950 – 3 billion
1975 – 4 billion
1997 – 5 billion
Notice the time between each billion falling every time. Scary stuff. Tempting to throw that shit into Excel and see where the curve is heading, but something tells me it would be waaay too scary, so I'm going to leave it alone.

Another (less depressing) thing I noticed was that major floods and disasters have been happening for as long as we've been keeping track. Hell, the recent thing in N'Orleans was just a drop in the bucket compared to 1931 in China when 3.7 MILLION died to floods. Yowza! So I should probably stop thinking that we're causing this shit with global warming… Not saying that we're not warming the planet, cuz we obviously are, but the disasters we've been getting recently are just par for the course. Part of the price of admission of earth.

Sadly, even when millions of people are starving to death it doesn't seem to affect our population growth. wtf. Black plague didn't even cause a slowdown!