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I got married on Feb 27th to my lovely wife Pixy. A few weeks before the wedding we took a wedding band workshop at Devil’s Workshop to make each other’s bands. It was absolutely amazing! The instructor was friendly, patient, and very encouraging. She made sure we were all comfortable with what we were doing, and was an excellent teacher.

The workshop was quite comfortable and cozy, with enough space and tools for 2 couples to work on their creations.


We started with 2 little bars of gold


And after some bending


and some soldering


and some hammering, we ended up with a pair of rough rings.


After that, it was all down to grinding, sanding, and polishing


before we had the rings finished.


If any of you are planning to get married, I’d highly recommend taking this workshop. The results are beautiful, and you end up with rings that are far more meaningful than something store-bought.

In fact, we had such a good time, that we’re thinking of going back for a silversmithing class… I, for one, would love some rock-climbing themed tie clip and cufflinks. 🙂