Whyyy Em See Ayyyy!

Yup. Just joined the Y. Decided I need to start taking better care of my carcass than I have been. Oh, and Fishy to joined too! We’ve both been talking about it for a while, but we finally got off our asses today. Hopefully the combination of mutual peer pressure and wanting to get value for our money will keep us both going at least 2 times a week. 🙂

After the Y was done taking my pic and making my pass, I went out to buy some new gym shoes, cuz all my runners are old and nasty. Ended up spending twice what I expected, but that’s just because I bought a spanky new set of workout clothes… All high tech ‘n stuff. The shirt is soooo soft! It’s almost massless too! I’m going to have a hard time not just wearing it around the house!

Oh, and as part of my sign up package I get a session with a personal trainer tomorrow. Hopefully they’ll be able to put together a work out plan for me. I’ve never gone to a gym regularly before, so I have no bloody clue what to do, lol! Usually I get all my exercise outside, but that doesn’t seem to be happening much these days…

For the record, the sales guy at Running Room was great! Not only was he zero-pressure (never once asking me “If I wanted fries with that”) but he actually recognized the make/model of the shoes was wearing and immediately fetched 2 pairs of a similar type/style in my size. Even with the last minute outfit, I was in and out of the store in about 6 mins. I got exactly what I wanted and more. One of the most pleasant shopping experiences I’ve had in recent memory!






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